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Dixie Belle Paint Co.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a self leveling paint, non-toxic with VOC’s, dries quickly, no need to seal after it has cured for 30 days. Dixie Belle Paint can be used on wood, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, fabric, concrete, walls, and leather.

Dixie Belle's vision is for everyone to be able to enjoy the fun and therapy painting can bring without breaking the bank. Dixie Belle Paint is a family-owned and operated company right here in the good ol' USA! Built on American values and true Southern Hospitality.

Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle Paint does not require much prep work just clean with Dixie Belle White Lightning it will remove dirt and grime. Variety of colors and sizes – Dixie Belle Paint comes in 64 colors see color chart.

Jars come in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz.

Coverage – Recommend applying 2 coats of Dixie Belle Paint, the first coat will appear blotchy don’t worry after the second coat it will be beautiful. Dixie Belle paint is thick you can add a little water to thin and stir which will make it last longer. If the paint is too thin leave the lid off and the paint will thicken up.

8oz covers 38 square feet

16 oz covers 75 square feet

32 oz covers 150 square feet

Problem Solvers

Problems Solvers – Dixie Belle Paint If you experience any bleed through with wood, stains, and odors Dixie Belle Paint has a fantastic product called BOSS which blocks out stains, ink/marker marks, and odors. I have a separate listing for Dixie Belle Paint BOSS. If you are painting on a gloss finish I recommend using Dixie Belle Slick Stick great product to help the paint adhere to these surfaces.

Top Coats


Best Dang Wax is a smooth, water-based, water-resistant wax that is rich in color!
Add depth and dimension to your piece with the user-friendly formula.
Mix paint with Best Dang Wax to create a custom wax color!
There is no need to use Clear wax before adding depth with Brown or Black.

Choose from Clear, Brown, Black, Grunge Gray and White.

Clear Coat-

Protect your pieces with a satin sheen! This Clear Coat provides durability and a unique finish.

Also available in Satin, Flat or Gloss.

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